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Rentals for thematic treatments in Rochefort
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Rochefort Thermal Establishment in Charente Maritime

The Thermal Establishment of Rochefort is approved to provide care in the following therapeutic orientations, the double orientation is possible:

  • rheumatology
  • Phlebology
  • Dermatology
  • Oral mucosal disorders

Rochefort is the 6th spa in France

Individualization and personalization of care

The particularity of Rochefort Institution lies in the fact that all the care provided there is individual, personalized and adapted to the patients' pathologies.
All specifications of each treatment, water pressure, temperature, application points, are prescribed by thermal doctors, differently from one patient to another.

In swimming pools, whether in phlebology or rheumatology, the temperature of the water is variable and each patient follows a program of rehabilitation at their own pace, under the direction of a masseur physiotherapist graduated state. The time spent during pool rehabilitation varies from one patient to another, depending on his mobility.

Rheumatic diseases in Rochefort

Rheumatology is at the top of the list of conditions treated in cures: 90% of the patients carrying out a medical cure, do it within the framework of affections of rheumatic order. Designed for people with degenerative rheumatism, inflammatory rheumatism or fibromyalgia, treatment in rheumatology can also be indicated following sequelae of osteoarticular or postoperative trauma.

Spa treatments in addition to or as a substitute for drug therapy help to stabilize the inflammatory process by reducing the number and intensity of flare-ups.

Fibromyalgia, which causes frequent, diffuse, distressing, and debilitating pain, is increasingly being diagnosed, as spasms provide relief from pain

The thermal mud of Rochefort is unique in France. Both marine and thermal, this mud is obtained by maturation of a clay fluviomarin sediment for 3 months, rich in microalgae - in thermal water at 40 °. It is applied to the joints in hot poultices, promoting the transcutaneous penetration of sulfur ions contained in the thermal water, its analgesic action, anti-inflammatory anti-fluxionnaire and disinfiltrante is immediate.

Theology: innovative care

In phlebology, the healing and disinfiltrating action of Rochefort waters allows the treatment of venous insufficiency at all stages of the disease, including varicose ulcers, sequelae of phlebitis.

The Thermes de Rochefort was the first establishment approved to provide vascular rehabilitation therapy in the pool, whose objective is a work of the venous pump of the calf and abdominal, stimulating diaphragmatic breathing.

We have a unique and playful walking corridor composed of 5 therapeutic workshops (foot arch massage, walking on pebbles, dorsi-flexions and cold bath at 18 ° C.

Dermatology in Rochefort

The three original characteristics of Rochefort waters: neutral Ph, isotonicity with respect to blood serum and bacteriological purity, play a very important role in the allergic terrain of the eczematous.
The clinical effect of the thermal water of Rochefort rests on: A sedative action. A purely dermatological action drying oozing lesions, antiseptic effect, decongestant and disinfiltration of lesions.
The treatment of the eczema of the infant from the youngest age (from 3 months) is one of the specificities the spa of Rochefort

The most common pathologies treated in Rochefort are:

  • Infant eczema
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Entangled allergies
  • pruritus

Oral mucosal affections

In addition to the Rheumatology - Phlebology - Dermatology guidelines, we provide care for patients with gingivitis, periodontitis, oral-lingual keratosis.